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500 Mile / One Week Review.

This is early user review. I purchased a 2017 PR CC 4x4 Diesel a week ago. I traded in a perfectly good Ram 1500 4x4 Laramie because I needed a little more towing power/weight capability for a new travel trailer. Did not need a full 3/4 ton truck.


Cabin comfort is very comparable to the Ram 1500 Laramie
Much more power although it will be this coming weekend before taking the camper out for first time this year and I can see how it tows
Good looking truck. Getting a lot of questions and compliments.
Ride is pretty good for a heavier truck

Cons (not necessarily bad things, just things noted and sometimes a WTF to Nissan for the way they did something).

High Beam Headlights: Come on Nissan. You put LED in the low beam projectors and then put those cat piss yellow high beam halogens in? Yanking those out as soon as I get the LED bulbs in the mail. At least you don't have to pull the bumper and grill off to change.

Map Display: Is much much smaller than my old Ram. The whole navigation/display/ is not near the quality and ease of use of the RAM. Where are all the apps I was use to?

Speakers: Another WTF for Nissan...as well as other manufacturers. Only one speaker in middle of dash for mid range sound. What happened to STEREO? This kills the soundstage. I fixed this in the RAM by disconnecting the middle speaker and upgrading the corner dash speakers but not sure if can do this in the Titan because manual says midrange only goes to the middle speaker. One midrange and 4 tweeters on the dash...WTF?

Steering: Very stiff and poor turn radius. Yea, I knew this and it is a big truck. Better than the RAM 2500 though.

Mirrors: No power folding tow mirrors on the Platinum reserve. All the other makers 3/4 ton's have these. Why not you Nissan. This is my biggest bitch.

MPG: About what I expected, though had hoped for little better from the smaller 5LCummins. I know, it is a heavy truck.

Steering column mounted gear shift: I miss my rotary dial on the Ram 1500...

Steering Wheel Controls: Why cant I advance or skip Pandora songs without having to have Pandora showing in the little driver information display? Why Nissan? My Ram 1500 let me do that.

Cheap window wipers: You would think on a truck with a MSRP of $64.5 they would put on decent wipe blades....

Does anybody know what that 3x5" plastic plated is embedded in the dash in front of the driver? It ruins the whole dash.

Engine is pretty loud....This is my first diesel and I know they are louder but still.....

The picture in the 360 degree camera is rather dim...hard to see in daytime.

So After 500 miles....I love this truck. It could be a lot better but it meets my needs and I don't regret buying. Just fix these annoying little things in the future Nissan and we would love you more.
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I can agree about the mirrors and I would love to have it to telescope out for towing.

Few things I can't say I agree with. My wipers seem to work great haven't had to change them yet. I think overall the sound system is great. Could have a little crisper highs but **** I have old ears.

Think that panel is for maintenance access. May so you don't have to pull the dash to change a light bulb. If that is the case please put in every car

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My RF system in the Pro 4X is fantastic...I have zero complaints there. Does the PR not have the Rockford?
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I agree with the mirrors. On the PR, that should have been standard equipment. Other than that, I have few complaints about this truck.

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Wipers are old school style but mine work great as well,,,,engine is far from loud,, that being said it does sound great,,,I like the column shifter and manual shifting buttons work well,,,I would like to have the full seat in the front on my platinum tho
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My last truck was a ram 2500, few years before that I had a ram 1500. Never treated me wrong, abused them pretty good. I don't have a diesel now but loud is the 6.7 cummins... I loved that sound. I had the huge dash and driver screen in the 2500 which was nice but actually prefer the layout of the controls (touch screen and plastic knobs) on the Nissan with the exception of the radio selection on the steering wheel. My RF system has to be one of the best I've ever had from factory. Beats the Bose system in my wife's 2016 Tahoe. Quality of plastics is also significantly better IMO in the Nissan. I guess a lot boils down to preference, I hate dial style shifters. I prefer Nissans navigation, map, and verbal command efficiency (ram was ok, ford was the worst). I will agree that the mirrors should fold in...

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Loud engine? This is the quietest diesel I've ever seen, it was a major factor in my buying it.
All stock stereos suck. The one in my FJ wasn't bad, neither was the one in my wife's Volvo wagon.

Wipers are cheap to replace, as are the bulbs. I think at that price all the lights should have been LED tho. But I'm also a picky *******.

No power folding mirrors was a pretty big oversight. Even my work truck has them and it's a Ford.
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I agree with some, but not others.

My steering is not stiff, actually feels too loose compared to what I'm used to. The RF sound system is fantastic IMO. I don't like the infotainment system and agree that it should have at least been an 8" screen. I definitely agree with the high beams not being LED, but that is a fairly easy upgrade. My engine is quiet compared to other diesels by far, I kinda wish it was louder. I also agree with the 360 camera. It is hard to see, but I think that's because it's grainy. I drove a rental when I took my truck in for some small fixes and they gave me a brand new Altima. The backup camera on that was so crisp and clear. Why didn't they use the same camera for our XD's, being that they are both from Nissan? That is my big WTF to Nissan! I hate my backup camera, I can barely see the tow hitch when I'm backing up to a camper for alignment. But that Altima camera looked like it had 1080p quality. Really wish they would upgrade these backup cameras to higher resolution. The rest of that car was junk though!
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diesel is loud ??? ya shoulda owned one back around Y2K !! those were very obnoxious ... the only quieter diesel I know of is a new Mercedes bluetec .. xxx

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Thanks for the review. I would have to agree with most of your pro's , but I would disagree with most of your negatives other than back up camera or in your case 360 camera clarity or the fact the center console stack is both smaller and not as advanced as the Ram. Having also come from a Ram 1500 I hated the rotary dial. The Rockford system is superior to what I had although I didn't have the Bose system. The engine although louder than maybe the 3.0 liter Ram Eco Diesel doesn't seem loud versus the larger diesels. Steering is exceptional for a larger truck. Lights and wipers are easy to change although both are substantially better in my pro4x versus my previous outdoorsman. Overall the value and standard options of the Titan XD equivalent package is superior - that coming from a previous ram fan. My only gripe with my truck is the poor cold starting ability of the truck in cold climates. I would also like to see a ECM update so far as the throttle management system goes, but it's not a deal breaker.

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