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  • Nissan Bob ·
    I hope this one goes through. You mentioned on a post something like Diesel Kleen not really being a good pump/injector lubricator and products like Amsoil are. Please explain - I am not very knowledgeable on these topics and am looking to learn more. Also, I am a huge Amsoil fan, so please explain - I am not trying to sound sarcastic, I just really am looking for information from informed people.


    franktafl ·
    go to FTP://RUSS.DYNALIAS.ORG:49003
    (you need to type it in, not copy it.)
    your user name is Russ
    Your Password is russ81

    give me ten minutes. Let me know how you come out.
    Russr ·
    Hi! Russ here

    I saw a post where you offered to place the (service?) manual on your FTP server. Could I take you up on that?

    I'm quite familiar with FTP. I'll be using FileZilla client to download. It would be much appreciated -my '17 XD 5.0 PR is my first truck, first diesel, and I'm a bit at sea on a lot of topics. I think the manual will at least provide me with terms I can search for, and the context they fit it!

    Thanks again

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