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  • Bikerndiver ·
    Good afternoon Rick! I just got a CEL code P020C for Cylinder 3 Injection Timing. Do I need to take this in to the dealer? If so, should I tell them not to mess with the engine maagement software? I'm not worrying about any warranty, I'm just not sure what they will have to do to figure out what is wrong and fix it. i don't want them messing with the tune....
    XDHunter · ·
    Just seen your mess. Just make sure the dont do a reflash. Every thing else they do should not affect anything
    XDgirl ·

    Can you pm me, I am looking at a tune/delete. I can't sent you a message, I don't have enough posts lol
    bmcleghorn95 ·
    so xd hunter. do you think my truck would stand a chance against that 3.5 ecoboost? I just don't want to embarrass myself lol. I have the full delete with and cold air intake
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