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  1. Titan XD Owners Registry And Check In Area
    Six months ago, I bought a used ‘19 Diesel Pro-4X with 6k miles on odometer. Lately the ABS, traction control and warning (!) lights have began appearing periodically, usually after 30-40 miles of highway driving. When those 3 lights come on, the cruise control shuts down and a message appears...
  2. Nissan Titan XD Defects, Issues And Problems
    Hoping to get some ideas of what may be wrong with my Titan. Yesterday I was heading out into the desert down a sandy stretch of road, pretty fast admittedly. Rallying the thing I braked hard for a turn and downshifted from 3rd to 2nd, shouldn't be a problem of course, until when i tried to...
  3. 2016+ Nissan Titan General Discussion
    So I want to convert my '16 PR Cummins to a 4wd. It rains a shit ton here and snows a lot where I might be moving in a few years. I've already been stuck in light pulled out by a little Subaru FWD crossover. Wife woudn't stop talking shit, and seems to not understand the advantage of...
1-3 of 3 Results