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  1. Performance Modifications and Builds
    So I deleted my EGR last night/early this morning, I made the mistake of working 12 hours and then coming home late and starting this project, I dropped the aluminum coolant plug down behind the crank pulley as well as a couple bolts, thank God for my fiber-optic camera and magnetic probe...
  2. Buy / Sell
    I have an EGR valve and cooler off of my 2019 titan for sale. Cooler has 21,000 miles on it and does not have any leaks, all hardware and gaskets are included. We can work out shipping or if you are in the central Illinois area can arrange pick up. Let me know if you have any questions. Also...
  3. Buy / Sell
    Parting out a 2016 engine from my Titan XD. Truck ran great with no CELs. PM me for inquiries and offers. Can PM pictures as well. I will list parts as they’re sold! Thanks in advance!
1-3 of 3 Results