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  1. 2016+ Nissan Titan General Discussion
    Brand new here so sorry if this has already been discussed. I have a 16 Titan XD 5.0 and just recently it seems as if I have the dreaded death wobble. Doesn’t happen all the time, but happens when I turn left or go over big bumps. That’s when I seem to notice it the most. Any help? Thank you so much
  2. New Member Introductions
    Hey everyone. I got a '16 and I want to start looking towards improving and upgrading the truck in regards to general performance, like improved mpg and horse power. What is everyone's best systems or parts yall use? Definitely new to the world of modification, especially with a diesel titan of...
  3. Nissan Titan XD Defects, Issues And Problems
    Got a '16 XD and when getting off work I could only hit the button on the door and thats the last time my truck gave me an active response. Got in, tried to start it and heard a couple of sounds from the front like knocking. Not to mention the start button flickering and at one point when trying...
  4. Nissan Titan XD Defects, Issues And Problems
    I got my oil changed and the mechanics said there was a possible oil leak in my 16' Cummins. I looked up the problem and I think it's because of weather issues, (I live in Montana) and they said something along the lines of either tightening up or an O-ring replacement? Never dealt with this...
1-4 of 4 Results