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  1. Alternative Fuels, Additives, Oils & Lubricants
    Recently made the switch to the green diamond (100% group 3) 10w30 oil for my Cummins titan. It has made quite the difference for me, and the price was better than the t6 I usually get. Before switching to this oil, I ran the stiction eliminator @ 4oz/qt. That smoothed out the idle greatly.
  2. 5.0L Cummins V8 Turbo Diesel
    My truck started having very limited power without warnings and then it finally bypassed the issue and warned that the DPF is overloaded. I was only a couple of miles from the house at that point and I parked the truck at home. I put in an emissions bypass tune (+0 HP) and only drove it down...
  3. Nissan Titan XD Defects, Issues And Problems
    I got my oil changed and the mechanics said there was a possible oil leak in my 16' Cummins. I looked up the problem and I think it's because of weather issues, (I live in Montana) and they said something along the lines of either tightening up or an O-ring replacement? Never dealt with this...
1-3 of 3 Results