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  1. CameraConnector.JPG

    Connector for '16 XD camera connector when removing tailgate
  2. HawkCoranadoHeights.JPG

    running without tailgate
  3. Exterior
    I just got a Nilight tailgate light. It’s super bright and I like the colors and patterns. Install was easy, but I’m not sold on the light on the Titan. It sits back far under the tailgate and it gets squeezed when the tailgate opens. Anyone have any similar issues and possible fix? I was...
  4. Nissan Titan XD Defects, Issues And Problems
    Stopped by Collins Nissan in Louisville KY today with a couple issues. 1st, for a 2017 Titan XD (45K miles) I had what I thought to be an unusual amount of corrosion on, around, and nowhere near the terminals on both batteries. Was told this is normal. 2nd, the passenger side tailgate assist...
1-4 of 4 Results