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Good morning everyone! I am working on purchasing an XD with the Cummins. It has 92k on it. What should I be looking for or expected/possible issue in the future? What’s the reliability of the injectors, turbo, dpf and other emissions related parts?

I’m a diesel mechanic by trade but I’ve never worked on a Cummins before only Volvo and Mack 13L engines.

Thanks in advance,
LOL wow…it seems like I just keep talking about this….I literally just gave my 2 cents on some recent issues that I have experienced in two other posts today…soooo….it seems that these engines are having some issues with an egr valve leaking, engine coolant sensor going out and turbine actuator assembly ( waste gate ) and linkage going out….all issues I had to tackle over last 5 months…all throwing same dash alarms ( red triangle, engine power reduced message and check engine light)…expensive parts and labor that come with these repairs and parts are getting harder to find…egr valve $950 plus labor, coolant sensor/ reservoir $118 and turbine rotor actuator $1100 plus labor…. So find out if these parts have replaced yet….because odds are you will be replacing them…112k and 116k miles is when my parts failed….
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