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Hey there - I have a 2018 Titan SL Crew Cab with 47,000 pampered miles. I bought it into the dealership for scheduled oil change last week and told them my transmission was slipping very slightly in reverse. They informed me that the transmission needs to be replaced, and I also need a new short block due to an engine knock.

I am in shock since I take such good care of this vehicle. Does anyone know the cause of these failures? Defective parts? Poor engineering? Both?

Now I am concerned that the engine and transmission will fail again after my 5-year manufacturer warranty expires and the dealership 12 month 12,00 miles on the repair. Has anyone had any experience with this issue and has it happened again afterward? I was planning on keeping this truck 10 years... Not sure I have the faith to keep it with possible $15K engine and transmission repair looming in the future.

If anyone has any recommendations from their personal experience with this I would appreciate any thoughts.

Definitely go get another opinion. Don't tell them what the other dealer told you.
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