Howdy all,

Joined up (long time lurker) to list my Titan, see if there is any interest. To be very, very, very, very clear it is a lemon buyback. I bought it certified - the two issues it was a buyback for are bogus, and I suspect the previous owner wanted out of a payment. It was a buyback for a slipping trans and a faulty ground pin. I have paperwork from Nissan stating the pin was fixed, and they were unable to find any problem with the trans - more on that in a moment. When I bought it, it had extra warranty coverage and was Nissan Certified. The original warranty is still valid and in effect until March 13th, 2023. I bought it, drove it, hated the hesitating trans, but loved everything else about it. I had a CFT performance 145 degree trans thermostat put into the open trans cooling loop after reading that Aisin stated the trans learns at that temp. Massive difference - trans shifts great now. The only reason I am listing the truck is I'm at the point where I either keep it and delete it and drive it into the ground, or downsize a bit. I don't need a truck this big, so I'm looking to see if I can't sell it and move down to a new frontier. If the lemon status doesn't bother you, it's otherwise perfect and well kept.

VIN: 1N6BA1F46JN517665
Color: Gun Metallic
Trim: Pro-4x
Miles: 73,000 (will go up slowly)

Has all the packages - heated and cooled front/rear, surround view, sensors, Titan boxes, etc. Also someone added power running boards, which are fun. I had a bunch of TSB work done when I first got it, so it has a new passenger seatback, the work done for the windshield area vents, ecu is up to date, etc. It has one small dent in the front right lower bumper, a few paint scratches around door handles, and that's about it. I can take pics if anyone wants them for those things.

Things I have done:

Remove some horseshit Karr brand alarm system. Seriously whoever installed it was a muppet.
Add a Backrack brand back rack custom sized to the truck.
LED OEM fog lights

The only other customization is my emergency lighting (volunteer ff/emt). If someone who does that was to buy it, lights and siren would stay for you. Otherwise removed).

If anyone has any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate. Mods, if I am a noob for thinking I can just join and list, let me know and I'll lurk (actively) for a while and then post.