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Just performed a map update to my 2019 XD SV. Was a very straightforward process and if you're not aware, if you have a 2019 (and I'm sure later years) with the navigation system, you have 5 years of free updates from Nissan (this doesn't apply if your nav system uses an SD card like my '18 had. Would be to the right of the CD slot. For those, you have to shell out $150 for an update). You can choose specific regions and get just those updates or select the entire US and get a whole new map database. I did both just to see how it works. And it's not just map info - all the POI data is updated as well and I was surprised how many businesses it included - even little mom & pop outfits were in the database.

1. First, you'll need a USB memory stick. A full map update is just over 15gb. The regional updates vary but look to be a couple hundred MB each. I had a 64gb stick so I used that.
2. You can do the update via WI-FI directly in your vehicle if you can get a signal from your house or you can download the update to the USB stick on your PC, then insert it in the car and update. I chose that method both times - in case it fails half way at least I have the file on the USB to try again.
3. Insert the USB into your leftmost USB slot
4. You select 'Info' then 'System Information' then 'Map Update' . Then 'Download Map Data'. This puts some data on the USB stick that denotes your VIN and current software versions. Without this you can't download any new data or use the data in a different vehicle.
5. Now from your PC, you have to download and install Nissan's Map Update utility from their website. Nissan Navigation Portal
6. Put the USB stick into your PC and start the update utility. It will read your USB (that data that was downloaded in step #4) and give you a list of all the various updates that you can download.
7. Pick whichever ones you want and they will (slowly) download to the USB. It puts like 100 different files and folders on your USB stick.
8. Once that's complete, go back to the vehicle and repeat steps #3 and #4 except this time you will select 'Update Map Data'.
9. It will do its thing and eventually tell you it's complete.

To download the entire 15gb US database took about 2 hours and updating it to the vehicle took about another 45 minutes. It's not a quick process. And keep your vehicle door open so it doesn't turn off on you!
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