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2020+ Titan XD grille with and without front camera

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Hello all, I want to replace my SL grille with a Pro-4X black grille. I found a good deal on one but it doesn't have the front camera mount. I recently had my grille apart and the camera mounting plate is a separate piece that is underneath the emblem. Does anybody know if that is the only difference between them? Should I be able to take the mounting plate from my SL grill and put it on the Pro-4X grille? I can't seem to find the answer and I don't want to buy the new grille and find out I can't use it.
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I wanted to follow up on this in case anybody else runs into this situation. If you have a Titan XD with the front camera you can buy and use a grille that doesn't have the front camera spot. The only difference between the two is a cover plate under the Nissan badge. You just need to take off the badge and cover plate and replace it with the cover plate with the camera slot that came on your truck.
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