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Truck acted very strange this morning on the drive to work.

This morning it was about 20 degrees F so I let the truck warm up for approx 10 min. My gas light was on and range was showing 45 miles so I drove to the nearest gas station. When leaving my neighborhood I went to accelerate and the truck cut power around 4k rpm. But it was aggressive, felt like I was driving a standard, went to grab 3rd and grab 1st instead.

When this happened the motor held 4k until I let off (didnt shift). Started driving fine once I let off and got back on (didnt allow it go over 3K).
My mind immediately went to either:
A) Transmission (scrolled thru the menus to see the trans was ice cold) thought maybe that might have something to do with it, OR
B) I'm out of gas. Maybe the range is not accurate? gauge was not on E either

THEN it happened as I'm pulling up to the gas pump. Same thing, aggressive cut of power as I am pulling into the station.

I pull next to the pump and the motor is shaking, causing a vibration in the cab. Then the CEL starts flashing as if it was giving me a misfire warning. SO I turn the truck off. Pump gas, turn it back on and the CEL is gone and it drove fine for 25 miles on my commute to work with no more issues.

I am going to scan the truck once I get home but after the fill up I am thinking it was running out of fuel and the gauge is not accurate. Anyone have a similar experience? Seems strange as I have defiantly been lower on fuel before (according to the gauge). Going to scan the OBll once I get home to see if there are any pending codes and will update. Truck is till under warranty.
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