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Hi, I'm new to the forum. I'm considering purchasing a 2018 titan XD S trim. I'm wanting it to tow a travel trailer. But one thing I noticed that the S trim for the 2018 model lacks that the other trims don't is integrated Anti Sway Control. But I noticed the manual says this:
Trailer Sway Assist:

To minimize trailer sway, your vehicle may apply
braking to individual wheels based on input from
your vehicle sensors and vehicle speed. Trailer
sway control is a function of the Vehicle Dynamic
Control (VDC) system and is active when the
VDC function is enabled.
If the VDC-OFF switch is on (meaning VDC
system OFF), the Trailer Sway Assist is
also disabled

And I've noticed that the S trim I'm looking to purchase has a VDC button in the dash. So does that mean it actually does have Anti Sway Control (Trailer Sway Assist)? It seems like the manual is almost saying Anti Sway Control and the Vehicle Dynamic Control are synonymous. And if it doesn't, does anyone know if anti sway control can be added to the truck? Or do anyone find it really necessary to have ASC if you already have a good anti sway bar attached to your hitch?
Thanks ahead for any advice and/or answers.

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It’s all part of the same system- if your VDC is on (which it always is, by default, unless your press the button and get the corresponding light on the dash), then the ASC is on too.

The ASC system honestly not even for trailers, specifically. I worked for Nissan sales for a short stint, and it’s the same system that helps with lane departure, traction control, etc etc. it’s all based on the VDC system.
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