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If anyone was curious as to what it looked like here ya go. Already had several folks at the dealership ask about it and it was just shy of $1400 installed. I'm not sure how clear the photos will come out but the whole unit actually rests on top of the bed itself giving it an extra 3 inches off the top. As a result the truck fab place we usually go through said I would for sure be able to fit a 60gal aux tank, possibly an 80gal aux tank underneath it and still be able to fill the tank without removing the cover. I was quoted about $1200 for the aux tank installed (aluminum).

So far I'm very happy with it, only downside is that it was pretty squeaky when I got it but nothing lithium grease wont fix. That and according to our vendor approved locksmith it cannot be re-keyed to match the ignition key even if you replaced the barrel, just a heads up.

(Also sorry for the filthy truck, it just rained)


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