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Backup Camera stops working

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I have a backup camera issue that I just can't seem to figure out. When I put my truck into reverse the camera will display for like 20 seconds and then the screen goes all black and only shows is the grid lines. If I put in park and then in reverse again it will not show back up again unless I turn the truck off and back on again and the camera will then display but again for only a few seconds.

  1. I have checked the wire harness in the tailgate and it seems fine.
  2. I replaced the rear camera - same exact issue
  3. I even swapped out the head unit with another working unit - same exact issue with the other head unit.
  4. I have reset both units to factory and pulled the negative terminal on the battery for a full reset. - same issue

I am running out of things to try. Now someone also had this same issue but has never responded with a fix for it.

If anyone knows of a fix for this I would be greatly appreciative if they could share the solution. Its a very aggravating issue when you rely on the camera.
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My leaf does that to me on a regular basis. It was really aggressively washed at the dealership once, and now it intermittently works.
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