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Changed and Calibrated my new Turbo Actuator - no dealership or Consult III plus involved

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So I have a 2016 PR diesel with 125K miles. No real issues until recently when I got the check engine light and code P00AF. I tried the lubing trick of the lingage and it went away for a while, but came back. So I ordered the turbo actuator and started looking for a way to calibrate it. I found this rather cheap scanner made by a chinese company called CGSULIT. I ordered the SC530 model with is specific to manufactor which was with a coupon found online ~$140. I ordered the nissan version. I received the Chrysler version. So after 2 days of working with the support and after sending them my serial number, I was able to dowload and install the nissan software to the unit. Last night I tried the swap, I went into the ecu on the scanner, there was a special functions menu, under that menu was RCTV. In that menu has two functions install RCTV and Calibrate RCTV. So I did the install, then calibrate, heard the actuator moving. All is good now, now codes and everything appears to work correctly.

This company also sells a SC880 all systems model scanner that has all the software loaded for all makes. It is on sale right now on amazon for ~$220, but I haven't personally tried that model.
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There are viruses that can be transferred to the ecm. I am hesitant to use anything out of china on a $2500 ecm.
my local dealer did mine for $75 just two weeks ago.
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