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So gentlemen, the service manual says to drain all deposits and water from the fuel water separator daily. Does anyone actually do this? Lol I did mine for the first time today no water or deposits came out of the drain. I’m in the Marines and our tactical vehicles have all kinds of repetitive daily maintenance procedures that are bogus and that’s instantly what I thought of when I read it. View attachment 43517


Seriously retarded

Need to get me that fass though


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Hello everyone,
So last week I hit 1000 miles on my Titan XD. I had a delete kit on standby for when I felt comfortable enough to delete the truck. Kit as follows:
P1 4 inch racing pipe
EZLynk tuner with PPEI
S&B cold air intake

Installed the kit in roughly two hours. All in all 1650 for everything. Biggest pain was how heavy the emissions complaint system is and then sealing up all the left over connectors with freezer bags and zip tying them above the frame. I did not run my SOFT switch or permanently leave the unlock cable ran. I also disconnected the tuner after I loaded the ECU profile. To me I’ll spend twenty minutes to plug everything up and load a new tune if need be, rather than my wife or kid switch it to the max tune on the SOFT switch and dog my engine.

if you are mechanically inclined, do not live in a emissions state, do the delete don’t look back.
These issues are fixed from delete:
1. Constant regens and the fuel smell that makes your eyes water during them.
2. I have no worries about letting my truck idle prolong to get it warmed up. Cause no more 24 hour clock for regens.
3. Dead pedal gone, and I run the economy tune.
4. You can hear the truck now coming down the road but it’s still not super loud like a 6.7.
5. Shifts are a lot quicker and the issue of it seeming to find a gear when between 1 & 2 and 2 & 3 are gone.

Fuel mileage, in the mountains I just did a 300 mile trip sight seeing, hand calculated fuel mileage is 20.XX. I expect without me getting on it going around people driving slow looking at bears it could be 21 at most. I went from 375 a fuel tank to 480 maybe more but that’s it what is on the dash display.

New version of PPEI tunes took care of the turbo surge at cruising speed as well.

Please if anyone wants more detail or I forgot to mention something let me know.
Where did you get the kit from? I'm worried about some of the sights I came across being legitimate.
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