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Finally got to test out a SV 4x4 on Saturday. My local dealer let me take it on a long test drive. I figured I would give my impressions of it. I currently drive a 2010 Tundra TRD 4x4 5.7L. Love the Tundra. I had an 04 Titan 4x4 when they first came out and really liked it also. But my needs have changed and the new Titan XD with the Cummins is just the ticket for me now.

Extremely quiet for a diesel engine. I drove with the radio off and the air on low and you couldn't hear the normal diesel noise that you would in a Ford or Ram etc. Power delivery was more like a gas engine than I expected. I have driven Ford 7.3's and older cummins 5.9's at work and there is no comparison to this 5.0 Cummins. I was literally shocked at how smooth and linear the power delivery was. Not expecting that at all.

Handling was good and the turning radius was impressive for such a big truck. Steering was heavier than my Tundra but not uncomfortable to me. And I was not ready for the brakes. Like to have thrown myself up onto the steering wheel the first time I hit them. Man they were great.

Quality looked to be real good on this truck. (July build) I did not see any quality control issues on this vehicle that I have heard others have seen on theirs. The hood was perfectly aligned. The interior pieces fit nice and there were no squeaks or rattles in the cab. Underneath looked good and I did not see any wiring that was not secured or unwrapped. Paint looked very good on this Black truck. I have seen others that had a lot of orange peel on it but this one did not. Maybe Nissan is getting their act together on these trucks finally.

Stuff I did not like:
Transmission was clunky at low speeds. Maybe this is a characteristic of the Aisin, I don't know. Never driver a truck with that transmission in it. Driver position was a little high, higher than what I am used to. Probably could have corrected it some with the seat adjustments if I had the time to fiddle with it. Tires on this version are basically General Grabber street tires. Come on Nissan, put some decent AT tires on all the 4x4 trucks. Stereo was passable but I wish they offered the Rockford Fosgate as an option in the SV.

Overall I was very impressed with this truck. I will be in the market to buy one in 8-10 months. I am wanting the Pro 4x version but may get the SV to stay more in my price range. I have seen SV's selling for as low as 39,800 and Pro 4x's selling for 42,000. I hope Nissan will maybe offer some different options on the 2017's and I would like to see the extended cab model before I buy a crewcab. I hope this helps someone who is on the fence about buying.
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