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EGR Delete Kit Interest?

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I should have this available for purchase shortly…

let me know if any Interest….
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Kind of….. long story tbh.. but there are kits prepped, but still to be tested.

Best I have for update on that…
no big deal, I will interested in the distro plate stand alone when you can. The steel one is working for me.
Just installed Wheeler's kit on my off-road only titan. Kit fit well, no issues. I suggest taking the time to remove your intake manifold and cleaning it. Large amounts of soot (ready to go into the engine) removed with a brush, then an overnight soak in simple green and water. Use a leaf blower to dry it out thoroughly after....

Truck runs great, feels more responsive. Or it could just be my excitement. Thank you Wheeler.
yes, we all are
:LOL::ROFLMAO:LOL. I was originally asking a question about the cleaning, but figured it out, and it wouldn’t let me delete the post, so I just wrote “deleted”!

with that understanding, it took me a minute to process your response!
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All kits are sold.

I’ll keep everyone up to date on stock.

lf anyone is looking for a weight loss program, Im happy to help!

What do I have to do to get in on the action for one of these kits? Is there a waiting list at the moment? Can you let me know when you have the kit back in stock? I am working on this problem at the moment. Thanks.
No list per say, once I get stock I let everyone know. I’ll keep this updated.

301 - 311 of 311 Posts