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Have a 19 SV midnight and recently purchased the Proven Diesel tuning with EZ Lynk. I loaded the 60hp tune and have ran it for about 10 days/500 miles. i went with this setup after reading the “Tuned but not deleted” thread Gary posted awhile back. Here are my results at this point:

The Good
-plenty of increased power/response
-mpg’s are the same or better. Average about 18.5 on my 30 mile commute to work

The Bad
-P2OFF comes on every time I start the truck
-no DEF screen in the display
-got a ⚠ light at about 400 miles. I returned the truck to stock and DEF screen came back and showed less than 20%. I had just refilled the tank prior to installing the tune, so I went through over 3/4 tank of DEF in 500 miles
-EGR remains active. I didn’t specificallly request it be turned off... just assumed that was standard

They have been super responsive working the MIL and once that is figured out... move onto the high DEF usage and possibly EGR deactivate. My question is are others running the PD emissions ON tune seeing this type of high DEF usage and have lost the screen on their display?

I just loaded the 60HP emissions tune also. I had a delete pipe but haven’t installed it yet

so with current tune there is a noticeable gain but mpg is way worse. My question is is this to be expected until I do the actual delete because everybody says they have great gains in mpg
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