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Dropped the truck off 7:30 am yesterday morning to get its first oil change. Get new steering wheel and underhood foam pc. Given a loaner went to work.
Picked it up yesterday evening. I was nit picking about the bump in my steering wheel. But the new wheel the leather feels alot tighter.
Oil change cost $116 total.

But it was the 30 min after I paid for the oil change that got costly. Been bugging the wife for a while that I don't want to keep her 2013 wrangler (72000 km complete brake job, new caliper, two ball joints and front axle seal already)
They tossed me the keys to a 2016 murano sv awd. A good drive later. A few pics to the wife. I was sold. The real benefit came today they were shopping the jeep in the states. The bid we got I was very happy. Paid $35000 for the jeep almost 3 yrs ago. And we are getting pretty much $32000 for it. To drive for 3 yrs and only loose $3000 is great. Our low canadian dollar is good for something.
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