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I have the Cummins in a '16 PR. I want to install a bypass oil filter, and instead of buying an overpriced kit, I'll just run some lines with a remote filter mount. My only obstacle right now is finding a spot to get an oil feed. Can't do a sanwhich plate for the filter since I'm using a 5.9/6.7 Cummins filter (Shell Rotella RTO-47), which barely clears some hard line because of it's extra length over our OEM filters. I use it because Tractor Supply has it on shelf for only $10 and I get the extra filter length.

I could use a T-fitting at the oil oressure sensor with a flow restricing barb to feed the bypass filter, but I searched online for probably 2 hours to figure out the treading for the sensor, found nothing. Cummins Part number 2872070, Nissan part number 25240-EZ40A. If anybody knows the thread pitch for this sensor, that would help alot.

Another option: many engines have small bolts plugging oil galleys. Probably just plugging holes needed for the casting process is my guess. However, I don't know which bolts have flowing oil behind them, or if this engine has any of these.

I haven't spent but about 10 minutes under the truck since it started raining while I was looking, and my driveway is wet from recent rain, too. If anybody has a suggestion for a bypass oil feed, let's hear it.
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