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Hello everyone,

After countless phone calls and dozens of clueless dealerships/salespeople, I have finally tracked down a Nissan Titan XD in the NY Metro Area. Whoever was tasked with handling the logistics of this vehicle's release needs to choose a new career path. Let's hope the engineers did a better job than that of the corporate staff thus far.

Some initial thoughts on the Titan XD SL I saw today:

- It is big....but extremely manageable
- Good quality plastics and leather (big improvement from previous versions)
- Carpets seems to be of better quality compared to my 2014 Frontier
- Bed liner was "grippy" but smooth to the touch
- Doors, hinges, and seals seemed simple and functional (built to last)

- Great fit and finish
- As previously reviewed, simple yet functional
- No squeaks or creaks when putting weight on anything (armrest, center console, dash surround)
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