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A bit of a newbie question here. I have a 2021 XD SV and I'm trying to get a Front Hitch to use for fitting a bike rack.

At the moment the only front hitch that I can find is the Curt C31077. Draw-Tite previously also made a front hitch but they have discontinued it due to lack of demand.

Here's my question - like so many other accessories, the Curt website doesn't list this hitch as compatible with a 2021 XD. It says that it is compatible with a 2016. Where there any frame differences between a 2016 and a 2021 XD that would stop me mounting this hitch? I know there were lots of bodywork changes. but that shouldn't impact the frame.

I am hoping that it's just because Curt got lazy and didn't check the fitment on the facelifted trucks but the actual frame connections would be the same


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