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We have been seeing quite a bit of chatter over the winter season about fuel. Whether that be issues with gelling, fuel mileage, or additives we all are looking for ways of improving the overall performance and reliability of our trucks. I believe that the best place to start is with basic maintenance and the due diligence of doing anything you can to keep your fuel clean.
The first point of this is general maintenance. You should look to replace your fuel filter every 10,000 miles or every other oil change. We recommend going with a proven filter such as (Racor). There is no better way to ensure that you are supplying your motor with clean fuel than to keep up with this maintenance schedule for your fuel filter.
The second point is fuel additive. Despite treatments of fuel from the different fuel stations its important to note that even with a clean filter you will start to see gelling in your diesel as temperatures approve and go below freezing. A good rule of thumb to note is that any time you are using an additive it needs to be mixed at the right temperature. Our friends at Optilube have recommended that for the correct chemical reaction to occur between the additive and your fuel you need to mix the two at 40 degrees or higher. As temperatures throughout the winter for most of the states are going to be lower its important to mix the additive when you fuel up. Underground tanks for different service stations should be somewhere around 50 degrees F so you shouldn't have any issues there. Some great products that we carry for fuel treatment are:





Another good point to note for maintaining clean fuel (especially for our LML owners) is to try and get fuel from the same stations. Make sure these stations are frequented by other diesel customers. The last thing you want is to be pulling dirty fuel that has been sitting for weeks without being touched. You don't necessarily have to go to a truck stop, but you will see the most circulation of fuel there. I personally make it a point to try and avoid fueling up as a fuel truck is filling the tank, but that is most likely a wives tail that I was told by a good old boy. Regardless I have had success with following these points.
Clean fuel in your diesel is paramount to maintaining the performance and reliability that you expect from your investment.
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