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I keep seeing questions emerge about fuse box locations, as both the gasoline and diesel variants have multiple spots that hide in plain sight, kind of blending in with all the other components to an untrained eye. So here are the fuse box locations for both gasoline and diesel Titan XD's, taken from the owner's manual.

The VK56VD (gasoline engine) has 2 boxes adjacent to one another on the right side of the engine bay near the firewall, and another on the left side towards the radiator.
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The ISV 5.0 Cummins (diesel engine) has one box behind the coolant resevoir, and another to the right of the resevoir.
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The last fuse box resides next to the glove box. You can access it by opening the gove box, then removing a panel to the right. There is no emgine label, so I believe both gasoline and diesel trucks have this.
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There are two sizes of fuse found in our trucks: mini and low profile mini. Both sizes can be found in the engine bay boxes, but only low profile mini will be found in the interior box by the glove box.
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Unfortunatley, the owner's mamual doesn't seem to show us the fuse box layouts and which circuit each fuse or relay switch services. The service manual isn't any help either, but it's often hard to navigate so I'm still trying amd will update this post if I find something. In the meantime, just look on the back of the fuse box cover for the layout. I will also come back to add the relay switch sizes once I find those. I'm out of state and away from the truck, so I'm restricted to the internet for my answers.
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