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Nissan has released the prices for both the half-ton gas Titan pickups and the gas powered 2017 Titan XD crew cabs.

Riding on a different chassis than the XD variant that was introduced last year, the half-ton crew cabs will cost less than their XD brethren and the savings can range from $1510 to $2530. They may cost a bit less but shoppers will be able to get the same trim levels found on the more expensive XD models. It starts from the S model to SV, SL and ending with the highest Platinum Reserve.

All of them will come with rear or four-wheel drive and a seven-speed automatic transmission. They’ll also share the same 390 horsepower 5.6-liter V-8 engine found in the gas powered XD with 401 lb-ft of torque. A special PRO-4X model will be available too but as suggested by the name, it’ll come with four-wheel drive only.

Here’s a complete list of the half-ton crew cab prices including the $1,195 destination charge.

Rear-Wheel Drive
S Crew Cab $35,975
SV Crew Cab $38,865
SL Crew Cab $47,575
Platinum Reserve Crew Cab $53,505

Four-Wheel Drive
S Crew Cab $39,005
SV Crew Cab $41,895
PRO-4X Crew Cab $46,215
SL Crew Cab $50,655
Platinum Reserve Crew Cab $56,595

As for the XD crew cab prices, the S will start at $37,485, SV at $41,395, SL at $49,655, Platinum Reserve at $55,025, and if you want them with four-wheel drive you’ll have to add between $2980 and $3080. Like the non-XD variant, the Pro4X is 4x4 only and it’ll cost you $48,375.

This may seem a bit steep but with the 2017 Titan crew cab, owners will also get Nissan’s five-year/100,000-mile bumper-to-bumper warranty which is more than what Toyota, Ford, and General Motors are offering for their powertrains.
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