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Has anyone else recently purchased a 2023 Titan XD ?

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Has anyone here recently purchased a 2023 Titan XD ? I know they are very rare nowadays.
Got my new truck 2 days ago. I got the Platinum Reserve. The sticker showed power folding mirrors, however, it is not equipped. The dealer had no answer.. I have a call in to Nissan consumer affairs about this. Also, the booklet at the dealer shows the XD Platinum Reserve having a removable front aero spoiler.
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I just purchased a new 2023 Titan XD, Pro-4x, premium pkg this past Friday. I think I recall seeing the same thing on other trucks but it wasn't listed on the window sticker and after researching it, seemed like something of a myth.
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Yep, bought a 2023 XD Platinum Reserve in March and had the same issue. Sticker showed it as a standard feature but doesn’t exist. Didn’t pay attention to that feature when buying. I found a different thread talking about how the power folding mirror option simply doesn’t exist on the XD with the larger tow mirrors. Stinks!
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