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Hi all, and thank you.

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Just traded in my 2016 Titan XD Plat. Rest. for a 2023 Titan Plat Resv gas model
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You let go of a diesel?

What made you get the new truck? Nice choice by the way!
Thanks, my 2016 diesel started having problems. Soot build up from local driving for the past 3 years. My truck was at the dealer for 3 weeks out of 4 in the past month.vI started finding out that the 5.0 diesel had many problems I was lucky up until now.
Bought another Titan XD Platinum Reserve (gas), because I have a fifth wheel RV. The gooseneck setup is great,and the truck is the perfect match for my RV. I know the gas version doesn't have the torque of a diesel, but it will be OK
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