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Congrats on the Titan! How does it compare to your old 2015 Ram 3500?
The ride is comparable, but not as harsh. You can push it thru the corners and not feel like the sway bar is to soft. The interior is alot nicer than the Ram even though they have come along ways from my 2004 3500 I had.

I wish it had a little more power but what can you do with the torque management. The dead pedal is not as bad compared to the ram and the brakes work way superior over the ram. The ram felt like you where standing on a piece of concrete to do anything, my 2004 Ram 3500 was the same way (some days I wish I still had it, it was rocket ship and no Hippie Juice to put in it).

I was glad to get rid of the 2015 Ram 3500, ended up doing a buyback with FCA on it. After 60 days in the shop in 9 1/2 months was enough for me with it. The sad thing was I custom ordered it and waited 7 weeks for it, and it turned out to be a turd. Selling dealer washed it and swirl marked the whole truck on a Blue Streak pearl, then the passenger side headlight went out before even leaving the dealer with 11 miles on it. That took them 6 weeks to fix just the headlight. Headlight bucket, wiring harness, computer fuse box in engine bay and a BCM on a brand new truck. The heated seats and wheel where the last straw for me.
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