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I sure did. The Pro-4X was one of two they had, and it was everything I expected. The looks were what I expected, but the size mirrored a one ton. I like the idea of the locking D rings for the pickup, combined with the 5th wheel ball for towing.

The interior was plush, roomy, where there was plenty of storage in the rear area. Speaking of rear seating, it had plenty of leg room for rear seat passengers.

When the vehicle started up, I couldn't believe how quiet it was. It definitely exceeded my expectations. Now getting up in the pickup, while being a short dude, required me to crawl into the pick up. It would require side steps for me:grin2: .

Drivability was more than was expected. I assumed for the work load, it would ride a bit stiff. But I would compare it to the Armada I once owned, as far as the ride was concerned. The exceleration was decent, which had me blend into to traffic at quick click. I loved when the turbos spooled up. It reminded me of my former truck driving days.

Overall, a quality designed truck in my opinion. I think they have done a great job in designing this pick up. It is plush and will meet my needs of towing a boat, or a fifth wheel trailer, when I eventually get the fifth wheel. My only misgiving is the price, so I'll wait until the price falls inline with my budget, whether it be new or used. I can't wait to have one in my parking lot.
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