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Interior switches install

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For reference, my titan is a gas-powered 2021 Nissan Titan XD Pro4x with most of the options available.

If you have the lit door entry, there is no need to buy the Nissan accessory service connector, as your truck already has one.

I am expecting my new ARE camper shell to be in any day. It is an MX model and will have a 50" lightbar installed on it. As such, I wanted to get some switches installed and wiring ready.

Items used

Nissan accessory Part number / bought from tasca parts
Part Number​
Part Name​
Accessory Service Connector​

I bought the switches from AIR ON BOARD (AOB) - Homepage
this one will be used for my lightbar
LED LIGHT BAR 207 Push switch 12V Nissan OEM Replacement GREEN AMBER
Wire Plug
1 x Wire Plug $0.00
Switch Body
Switch Cover

These two are extras right now
REAR LIGHTS 1B04 Push switch 12V Nissan OEM Replacement GREEN AMBER
Switch Body
Switch Cover
1 x REAR LIGHTS B04 $0.00
Wire Plug
1 x Wire Plug $0.00

Once you have your switches and accessory service connector, you need to remove the lower dash panel.

Before you do that however, remove the pro4x lit kickplate, and the corner piece of trim near the emergency brake. toward the firewall is a plastic pin, To remove it, pull the center of the pin out using a small flathead to pry it. Then pop it out by pulling the whole thing out. There is also a pull screw holding it closer to the door.

Now remove the lower dash panel by removing the screw on each side of the lower edge of the lower dash, as seen below.

Here is the lower dash panel
Car Hood Automotive design Motor vehicle Automotive tire

lower right screw
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive design Automotive exterior Trunk

lower left screw
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Vehicle door Automotive exterior Trunk

After the screws are out, the upper part the lower dash will need to be pulled outward toward the seat, as there are 5 or 6 clips that need to be pushed out. Pull small portions and be supportive of the plastic, as I believe you could break this if not done correctly. When you get the push pins loose just let the whole thing hang there. There is no need to completely remove the dash piece.

You will then need to use a screwdriver to push in on the switch blanks on the top and bottom, while pushing them out toward the inside of the dash panel. If you have trouble you can unbolt the upper or lower switch bank to make access to the bottom easier.

Your new switch will click right in. Don't plug in the wiring for them just yet. Take the wiring and layout the diagrams that come from AIR ON BOARD (AOB) - Homepage . The colors are different on the two styles of switches

Find the common wires for ground, ignition, and parking lights and group them together. Keep your relay wires separate. Use whatever wire connectors you use to combine the like wires to each other. When completed you should have 3 ground wires. I like Posi locks scene below. i used red posi lock butt connectors to handle this.
Font Finger Line Electric blue Technology

You can plug the connectors into the back of switches, but you may consider cleaning up your wiring loom using heat shrink or electrical tape. You should now have three red posi locks hanging down. toward front of the door jam, behind the lower dash.
Automotive tire Fixture Automotive design Wood Stairs

In the door jam area where you removed the kickplate and loosened up the floorplate by pulling straight up, you will either see an existing nissan service connector plugged in, with wiring going to the lit doorplate or an empty spot to connect the Nissan service connector. It is pushed up to connect. the wiring schematic for it is below.
Rectangle Font Line Parallel Pattern

Now matchup your switch grounds to wire #12 black from the accessory connector. connect using the other end of your butt connector.

Do the same with your ignition, and the tail/ parking wires.

Reassemble your dash, leave the three relay wires hanging down. push a piece of wire or a straight coat hanger through the path where your emergency brake cable goes through the firewall. tape three small gauge wires to the wire and pull enough wire through to reach the location where you will install your relays. Attach one wire to each relay for whatever accessory you are running. All you will need to do is attach the correct relay wires to one of the 3 wires you pulled through.
Vehicle Car Gear shift Automobile pedal Speedometer

Finished product is as seen below. I apologize about forgetting to take pics of the wiring loom you create, but it is pretty simple.

Grey Personal luxury car Vehicle Gadget Camera accessory
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