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New to this diesel, but not new to diesels. by trade i am a a heavy equipment mechanic.
i am also not new to nissan trucks, as this is my third one. i bought my first nissan pick-up in 2016. it was a 2014 frontier pro-4x. in 2019 i bought a brand new Titan pro-4x 5.6L. in may of 2022, nissan put a new short block in it due to engine noise. which was really concerning, because it only has 35k on it. 4 days after i got it back, i traded it in on a 2019 Titan SL Midnight XD.
happy with it so far, but it has low miles on it still. so future will be the ultimate test.
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Good looking truck and a beautiful view. Too bad about the gasser, but I love my diesel and hope you will too. It's been a perfect match for hauling my travel trailer around the country.
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I suggest using 5w40 or 15w40 oil. 10w30 insufficient and suggested for soley efficiency. Also, a 5.9/6.7 Cummims oil filter will fit the 5.0, costs half as much and is longer.

Here's the full service manual, incase you ever want to poke around:
I run 5w40 in mine. Love my ISV!

Deleted and tuned these trucks start to wake up. At the end of the month I’ll be releasing my longevity tune to try and help extend the life of our engines and maybe get a bit better economy.

I might have to look into the larger filter though, that’s a good idea.
The 5.9/6.7 filter costs arounf $11 in the US and easy to find on-shelf. The 5.0 filter cost me at least $20 after shipping and has to be ordered online. It cost more and is harder to find for a smaller filter. The larger filter will bring oil level down near the minimum on your dipstick. Because of that, I have a seperate jug of oil used only for filling oil filters. It uses about a quart, so one jug lasts me 5 oil changes which is 25,000 miles. I'll then use my 10 quart jug for only filling the engine. 11 quarts in the system with a larger filter will bring you at least halfway on the dipstick.
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