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Alright ladies and gents, I need some advice. (it's relevant that I mention before I start, that the truck is being used in a country where its not cleared by Nissan and the local Nissan dealers don't have a service and repair manual for the truck so, they're capable but going in blind)

My truck is presenting the following problem.
The truck starts, idles and runs fine so long as you don't floor it to pass someone where the power cuts out and you're moving dead slow, almost as if it doesn't downshift to accelerate (but the gearbox and accompanying assemblies and sensors are fine).

Pulled the trouble codes and I get the following :


Here's the kicker. I have two XDs and so to troubleshoot, the DPF, Catalytic converter and basically all parts associated with these faults were taken out of the "good" truck and installed in the "bad" one. The "bad" truck kept the issue (despite having "good" parts) and the "good" truck didn't have an issue (even with the "bad" parts) everything has been put back in its original truck.

So now I'm thinking sensors but can't wrap my head around what could possibly be causing these.

Anyone have any ideas?
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