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A month ago (about a week before Nissan's infamous announcement of cancelling the Cummins Titan) I bought a used (with only 1,400 miles!) 2018 Titan XD SV 4x4. I bought this to replace three trucks: a 2001 Chevy S-10 for light towing (which is falling apart faster than I can fix it), a 1998 Chevy C3500 with a 6.5 Detroit that I can tow cars and my Kubota tractor on (the C3500 currently does not run), and a 1993 GMC TopKick dump truck (I need to buy a 12,000# dump trailer first -- oh, and the TopKick currently won't start).

I used to be a solid Chevy / GM guy, but considering all the GM vehicles I own are falling apart faster than I can fix them, I've decided I won't have any more of those. My little cheap 2006 Suzuki Aerio with about 300K miles has no current problems and other than having to replace the motor mounts once, has had only typical problems (water pump and alternator). So having cars with major issues at <100,000 miles is not acceptable to me anymore.

I've never owned a Ford, but other than the fact that a known factory defect in one almost burned my friend's house down (they somehow forgot to send him the recall notice), I was strongly considering an F250 or F350. The problem was most all the used ones were Lariats or King Ranches. I don't need all that fancy crap at a premium price for what is basically going to be a work truck.

I like Cummins (my dad drove and owned a semi, so I know Cummins well), but I didn't really want one wrapped in a Dodge truck.

So that left the Titan XD. I did a lot of research on them and decided to give one a try. After the test drive I was sold! I found the barely used one for what seemed to be a pretty good price. After driving it for a month I can say I love this truck!
341 - 360 of 439 Posts