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Looking For Middle Jump Seat

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I plan on converting my centre console to a 6 passenger seating. Anyone seen a centre seat somewhere?
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I’ll purchased a seat and lower dash assembly from a wrecker in the US. Removed from a crash test rating truck. So brand new. I’ll post some pics of the process when I get to it.
Who did you purchase your parts from? I am about to do this and would rather have new parts over parts pulled from a junk yard.
Is the jump seat from a base model Titan? We called our dealership about getting a jump seat and they stated the XD's were never made with one?
It was available on the S or the SV without convenience package on both the XD and the non-XD versions. The S model interior is a cloth vinyl mix though, so you really want a seat out of a SV model which is all cloth (black with grey stitching). I didn't have any luck with the dealer either and got my jump seat off of eBay.

Dealers very rarely order them configured this way, so I can see why they didn't think they exist.
1 - 2 of 26 Posts
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