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Low Pressure Turbo Failures

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Has Nissan been giving a clear reason why the low pressure turbo is being replaced on the trucks that need it?

I just looked at the low pressure turbo that I got, that had been replaced as failed. No oil in the exhaust, shaft play is minimal, no blade contact or damage. The casting doesn't even have rust on it yet, so it's out of a low km truck. The only thing I can find is that the rotary valve seems to bind up easily. The rotary valve is part of the turbine housing casting, so if they wrote off the valve/casting they'd do the whole turbo. The rotary valve is removable though, so is Nissan just deciding they want to replace the turbo instead of fixing the valve?
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My 2016 has been kicking a P226C code randomly for the past few months. Finally took it to the local dealership and tech discovered sticking RTCV. The repair is replacement of the low-pressure turbo since the rotary valve is built into the turbo housing. The tech discovered this by disconnecting the actuator rod from the RTCV and attempting to move the valve itself which was extremely tough to do. It was so tight that when he reconnected it, he couldn't perform the required calibration, which meant rolling the dice to get it home. He suspected carbon build up which is not uncommon for this motor. I started it up and drove it locally to get the intake hot and maybe loosen the valve which worked well enough to perform the calibration and get it home. I have since sprayed PFTF lube onto the valve housing and linkage ball joint which seems to have loosened it a little. Just drove truck today for a few miles and no dead pedal or CEL. This all started when temps dropped so not sure if cold carbon is causing the binding or if that is just coincidental. From pics it looks like you can remove the valve, and maybe replace it, but to be honest, I'm looking for another truck. Tech commented parts are hard to find and expensive. Love how this truck drives, rides and pulls but I want some road confidence. And the aftertreatment on this truck is unreliable as well as extremely expensive. Too bad Cummins didn't choose a better turbo set-up because this truck would have been a home run. As for the high-pressure turbo and RTCV actuator, I believe this is specific to the 2016. Seems the turbos in that year had an oiling deficiency causing premature wear of the turbo and potentially sending shavings into the engine. I bought mine used and the high-pressure turbo had already been replaced.
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Agree the Holset performance is top-notch...just not confident in the lubrication system for the HP turbo. It's obviously an issue, at least with the 2016 models. And Cuda is right, the emissions components are major culprits with maintenance problems in these trucks. There was a 2017 parked next to mine at the dealership waiting on a DPF pump, EGR cooler and one other emissions part. Tech said lead time is 2-6 months.

I could definitely pull the turbo and clean the valve, but the fact that I need to pull a turbo with 76K miles doesn't instill a lot of confidence. Especially when I hear a tech tell me that they are having more of these trucks show up for work and have less parts to support the platform. Definitely a tough decision...when this truck is on, I wouldn't want to drive anything else. But the writing seems to be on the wall with lack of available parts.
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I was looking at a 15-day lead time for my turbo, which in my opinion, is very acceptable. I also did a quick search on line and found both turbos at Z1 Offroad for roughly the same price. The remove/replace looks pretty straightforward with the exception of re-calibrating the actuator. Again, having to remove the turbo for cleaning or replacement at 76K should not be part of scheduled maintenance.

On a potentially good note, I just re-installed my factory air box yesterday so I have an S&B CAI intake for sale cheap!
My dealership quote was ~$4,500 for turbo and labor. That's assuming there were no other issues once the intake was pulled. The turbo price seems on par with aftermarket pricing and the replacement seems pretty straight forward. You'll still require the actuator calibration.
I tried the same thing Walker. Nissan was very respondent but the answer was still "no" since it was out of warrant. I thought I could get a little love on parts or labor but the only relief would have been the dealer waving the diagnostics.

FYI, I have since bought a gasser Titan Pro 4X even though I swore Nissan wouldn't get any more of my money. But they were almost $10K higher on trade-in value even with turbo requiring replacement. Got to tell you, I miss the XD version (it's like I'm driving a mid-size) but I think I can live with the gasser. Amazingly, I got better MPG out of my XD diesel.
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