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New owner of 2017 Titan XD Platinum reserve - Purchased 2 weeks ago, she only has 35,000 miles on her and is in very good condition. Replaced the original stock tires with Michelin Defender LTX and have upgraded all interior lighting to LED as well as fog lights. I do have the pull to the right issue, had the alignment checked at my local shop who I trust, and it is spot on - is this something i will just need to learn to live with or maybe have Nissan facility align?

I am coming from a 2011 GMC Sierra SLE that I drove for 9 years and put 170,000 miles on was a good truck but started to rot in our wonderful Ohio winters, started leaking oil and hub bearings were going. With that said the Titan is a completely different beast!

Hoping this Titan will last me a few years any pointers would be appreciated
Have you, or are you planning to do any towing? If so, can you report on your impressions?
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