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Also, found this if anyone is having any weird electrical issues:
This vehicle is capable of performing a function test of various systems on the vehicle.
To enter the Self-Test Mode
1. Close the hood and front door RH, and lift the wiper arms from the windshield (to prevent windshield damage due to wiper operation).
When this test mode is performed with hood opened, sprinkle water on windshield beforehand.
2. Push the ignition switch OFF.
3. Push the door switch at least 20 times within 20 seconds
4. Cycle the ignition switch ON→OFF→ON within 10 seconds.
When the vehicle in this Self-Test Mode the following devices on the vehicle will momentarily operate in the order shown to verify that the systems are functioning correctly.
• Horn
• Rear defogger
• Front wipers (HI, LO)
• Front fog lamps (if equipped)
• Tail, license, and parking lamps
• Headlamps (HI, LO)
• Air conditioner compressor (magnetic clutch)
• Engine cooling fan
• Oil pressure switch and lamp
• Alternator charge terminal and lamp
• Starter motor
After the self-test has been completed (3 on/off cycles) the vehicle will be returned to normal operating mode. If the operator wishes to terminate the test early they may do so by pushing the ignition switch OFF.
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