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P00B7 error code help

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Currently fighting a P00B7 (ECM-Engine Coolant Flow Low/Perf) engine light. I've seen several threads mention a leak in the EGR system. Truck is currently deleted with Wheeler's kit and I have tiny leak at the reroute plate. Like just leaving blue gunk around one side of the mating surface. My plan this weekend is to reseal and correct the leak, but my question is how big of a leak does the ECM need to throw the P00B7 code or is there something else worth looking into?

Does the engine have a coolant flow sensor inside the return inlet on the overflow tank? I've also seen several threads mentioning the level sensor failing but the truck isnt going into limp mode, or and kind of weird power reduced mode. Coolant is up to the full mark on the overflow tank.


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Thank you for linking that, I came across it when I first got the code and couldn’t find it. Weirdly the check engine light went off on its own. I’ve never pulled the over flow tank before, is that the only sensor?
i ended up just popping the sensor out of tank for a short term solution. Between yard work, kids, and my other projects I will get it fixed another weekend. The leak is so small that I’ve never seen anything wet, just a little blue crust.
do you happen to have a part number? I’m curious what the cost is.
Thank you for the part number. Not bad on the price, z1 off-road has them for 124 but are on back order. I may just order one because my tank is super discolored and has micro cracks forming near the joints.
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I canceled my z1 order and went with the cft wrinkle red one just liked the look of it
The upside to factory is you get a new sensor. The cft one is 6 times the cost and no new sensor.
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