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Hey Everyone,
First off I just want to say thank you to everyone who posts in the forum good and bad comments about the trucks! You all helped me to make my decision on buying a brand new Titan XD with a Cummins. So far after about 3 weeks of owner ship and 800 miles, I am in love with the truck!

So today I installed a S&B CAI intake. Cost was 290 plus shipping and tax. This is a fully sealed unit other than the removable side door and the top plexi glass. Easy install, I used a small dap of RTV on the gromets and washers to keep them in place when installing the air box because that is a pain. Other than that it looks clean, organized, and has a massive washable filter.

The first 20 minutes of driving, Coming back down to idle was slightly inconsistent(could be because I unplugged the batteries so that I could swap the MAF and IAT sensors) but it equaled out eventually and now runs smooth as can be.

Noticeable changes: turbo whistle when accelerating which sounds really cool! Other than that, hard to say there’s any real changes especially in a motor so new that is still trying to find its own personality LOL

This is my first diesel, so far I’m in love with it, and thanks again for everyone’s input about these trucks. I hope this helps for anyone who might be interested in a CAI.

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