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Good-afternoon folks.
I have a 17 XD Gas S full 8ft bed, factory tail hitch and I'm wanting to haul 16ft sheetrock, lumber etc. I'm 3 miles away from a sheetrock supplier, 15 minutes from lumber.
This extender seems to be rated the highest capacity at 1000 lbs. and hopefully the most stout. Extending 30 inches may or may not accommodate 16 footers.
I'm not sure how to calculate how many 16ft sheets of sheetrock would exceed either the extenders capacity, the hitch capacity or both.
Anyone use one of these?
How did it go?
Am I expecting too much in wanting to haul 16ft material?
Kindest regards


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I don't have one of those but a simple math is: your truck bed (8ft) + 30" extender gives it nearly 11ft, which will have a tad more than 5 ft hanging out in a free.

Personally, I would get this:
in which, if you want to carry 16ft sheetrock, I would lay 8 or 10 pieces of 16ft lumber before putting the sheetrock on top, so they won't break when going thru potholes and speedbumps.

Just my .02,

Oh, and not to forget a red flag at the end for unusual long haul.
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