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New guy here, I've been lurking for awhile since the new XD really intrigues me. I'm cross shopping the XD with the GMC Sierra 2500 HD with the Duramax. So about 2 weeks ago I test drove a pretty fully loaded Pro-4x model, it was silver with the dark grey bottom color. The second XD I drove was a little less optioned, but still a Pro-4x model. I really thought the Titan looked funny in the initial pictures I saw, but in person I actually think it's a fairly good looking truck. Took it for a test drive and was impressed with the quietness and the isolation of the ride. Definitely felt heavy, but not overly so. Steering was heavy, but I'd definitely get used to it. For reference I currently drive a 2007 GMC Sierra 1500 ext. cab + 6.5 ft. bed 4x4 and my dad has a 2001 Sierra 2500 crew cab + 8ft bed with the duramax. XD was definitely quieter than both and even though the ride may have been a little more rough than my Sierra 1500, the bumps were never jarring and I felt that the truck absorbed the bumps better (no structure creaks, just very solid feeling if that makes sense). I would have loved to drive it on some dirt roads, but alas the dealer was in suburban Tulsa, OK.

Anyways, I really liked the interior, I loved all the room and the thoughtfull storage ideas under the rear seat. The seats were very comfortable. The first XD I drove had full leather seats while the second had the special Pro-4x cloth/leather combo seats which I thought were very nice as well. Coming from cloth seats in my Sierra, these combo seats were definitely nicer. My main interior complaint is the last-gen looking infotainment system. The 2016 Sierra I test drove definitely had a better looking system. But I use my phone for everything and the navigation is superior anyway, regardless of the system used.

Now for my thoughts on the engine/drive experience. I never thought the engine lacked power, the truck is definitely no rocket, but that's not expected considering it's weight. The 2016 Sierra 2500 HD with the duramax may have "felt" a little quicker, but rode a little worse (felt a little more bouncy/a little less controlled). I did watch the YouTube video where MrTruck said that after driving the XD for a week he noticed that if you "gradually" press the accelerator down to accelerate, that it works better than just mashing it down. I think he's on to something since when I drove the second XD, I felt that that method worked pretty well.

In my mind that behavior could possibly be explained by the turbo charger that the XD uses. The Holstet M2 turbo is an interesting device that pretty much combines two turbines into one housing. It looks complicated and in my opinion it is too complicated and is possibly the culprit to the XD'S power ratings/behavior. My thought is that when you mash the accelerator down, the turbo has to decide which turbine to use and air flow path, all depending on the current conditions. In comparison to the variable vane turbos that other manufacturers use which just have to change the position of the turbine vanes to adapt to a given situation. I could be wrong, but id be interested to see why Cummins chose the M2 design over a variable vane design.

One wierd thing that I did experience happened driving the second XD. I was merging onto a highway and the truck seemingly did not want to shift up, it would stick in 4th than 5th gear, redining the engine and then forcefully shifting into the next gear. The first XD I drove did not exhibit the same behavior. I'm hoping that this behavior could be explained by the possibility that someone (probably dealership employees) were joyriding in the truck and constantly flooring it from a start and so the transmission started to "learn" that's how it needs to shift since I'm pretty sure all modern auto transmissions have some sort of learning ability.

Anyways I look forward to hearing from new owners and their experiences with the XD since it is still intriguing me and that probably won't change unless the 2017 GM HD trucks are debuted soon with the rumored powertrain upgrades.
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