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It's a shame that the mfg offers a subpar product at an extravagant price. When I buy new I don't expect to drop more cash to correct a faulty designed product, and won't. There are other options to get the job done. If not and it's needed, then I'll make it or have it made as long as the cost is less than or equal to the sub par poorly designed product.
I have the tank and have had many phone calls with Titan tank about this problem. I took several videos with my phone showing I had no problems starting the truck with 2-3 gallons in the OEM tank and no issues starting. Switched to the Titan tank and have issues starting once the needle gets into the red on the fuel gauge. I explained this to them and they assure me their tank is "fine" and exactly the same as the OEM (distance wise). I just refuse to drill a large hole in a $1,200 dollar tank to fix this issue. So far, even though the tank has it flaws, I still feel it was well worth the money especially pulling a travel trailer.
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