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Jalopnik had a virtual interview with Rich Miller, the Titan's chief product head. Plenty of questions got asked and many were answered. Below I'll copy some of the more interesting questions and answers. And at the end I'll put a link to the full dialogue.

Q: "What efforts have been made to improve the quality?

The Titan (and the Armada/Infiniti Q something) have gotten a black eye for their reputation for failures in a whole assortment of components.

Beyond the diesel, styling, etc, has improved reliability been considered with this redesign?"

A:"Every engineer working on the program was asked to consider quality first priority. You will see areas that we have made changes in, such as brake size, axle size, front and rear differentials. Also, the frame and chassis for the Titan XD is completely unique to accommodate the increased payload and towing targets."
Q: "Why the XD? Why not just build an excellent 1500 and/or 2500 variant. I feel like someone in the market will easily cross shop a competitor's 2500 when looking at the XD and end up with a less capable truck in this new niche small diesel market."

A: "This is a great question. First of all, we looked at the segment, which is being defined by the competition and not the customer. We looked at how the customer purchases a truck, and they don't necessarily shop half-ton or heavy-duty. The customer looks at what kind of towing they want to do, what kind of power they want, and other related factors.

What we're looking at with the next-generation TITAN XD is a truck with more than 12,000 pounds of towing and 2,000 pounds of payload. And by giving customers a diesel option, they'll get good fuel economy even while towing and hauling big loads. For those customers looking to tow trailers in the 12,000-pound range, this is the truck that fits their needs."
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