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Rambling off the top of my mind I think we can expect the 2015 Titan to be a fair bit pricier than in the past.

For one, the proposed 550+ ft-lbs of torque and the towing it will now enable will require a far more robust frame than Nissan has offered in the past. Without a HD program to pull knowledge from this will be new territory for Nissan.

The added robustness is going to add weight, costing fuel in the long run. Perhaps impacts will be negligible in the diesel, however if the gas powered Titan begins to suffer because of a perceived competitivenes or lack there of, is the program worth it in the long run?

The engine is brand new from Cummins, not like the old 6.7 which has been well amortised over its lengthy life, the engine is new, you can bet Nissan and by proxy, you, will be paying a premium for R&D and new production methods...

Not a grand slam yet IMO...
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