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Installed my Valentine One today. Mounted the main unit high on the windshield on the passenger side of the review mirror. Tucked the power cord up between the headliner and windshield ( no need to remove head liner). Then ran it down the A column. Removes easily by the two screws in the handle.
Got power from Valentines OBD connector.

Installed the remote display at the lower corner of the drivers side windshield.
For a remote button I purchased a Nissan Safety Shield button thats for the Rogue. The button is easy to dissasemble so Soldered the two left hand contacts together and the two right hand contacts together. Power from the valentine goes to the left and right side connectors.
The middle two contacts are the switched pins.
Note this switch contains diode so its important to get the polarity correct. If it doesn't work just reverse your wires.

Installed the switch in place of the blank to the left of steering column.

I really want to relocate the traction control switch there and move the new radar button to where the traction control switch currently is, but I have not figured out how to take apart the center console. Plus I have yet to source the Nissan plugs for it. As Nissan does not sale the components to the wiring harness.


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