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OK, weird situation. I just installed an after market heavy duty bumper in the back. I already have a big bumper up front, so now they match. Yesterday I pull the factory rear bumper. On that bumper there are 4 sensors and Blind spot warning sensors that are hidden in the bumper. The instructions say that they will not be functional on the metal bumpers so to just deactivate them in the setting on the dash, Which I did. I un plug everything that is connected to the bumper including the Blind spot sensors. They were pretty big so decided to unplug, then re plug them in once I got other bumper back on. I then install the new rear bumper and re-attach all the sensors as well as trail hookups and license plate lights etc.

Everything fit really well. Here is the kicker. I turn my truck on and I know have my ABS lights and the Traction Control Light on. No clue why. Did not mess with any of that. Then I put truck in Reverse and neither my backup camera or forward camera works. In reverse when I push the camera button on radio nothing happens.. So everything was working fine before removing bumper, but not I have two warnings on and camera does not function. Truck drives fine.

I took to Nissan they were too busy to look at it said be at least 7-10 days for a tech to diagnose issue. I did get them to try to erase the ABS and the traction control warning lights to see if they come back on again, but he said it would not let him erase them when he tried..

Only thing I can think of is both Blind spot sensors are pretty big looking Brain things. Maybe since I unpluged them then plugged them back in maybe they have to be programmed again, even though I turned them off in the Driver settings already. As for camera, I traced wires from Tail gate down through the lower truck and found them under truck. I never unpluged that plug, but the wires all run into a big bundle there near the other plugs.

Hope this helps a little. I have seen a ton of Titans with aftermarket bumpers so maybe someone has had this happen.
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